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Add/Edit Data Groups

To access the GROUPS screen, click IDENTITIES > CONFIG > GROUPS > + ADD GROUP button. The Add/Edit Data Groups screen will appear. By default, a Default Group already exists on the GROUPS screen.

When a detection task is executed with Sync Results with Privacy option, the results pushed on privacy IDP need to be associated with a data group. Since we don't have any data group on the task screen to be associated with, these results get mapped with the Default Group on Target System screen. You can later change the group, if required, on Target System screen.

To add a new data group, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the name of the Data Group in the Data Group text box.

  2. Enter description of the Data Group in the Data Group Description text box.

  3. Enter the expiry days of the Data Group in the Group Index Expire In text box. The Group Index Expire In is the expiration time (in days) of this group’s Data Subject-related information (including transactional data), stored in the Privacy IDP’s database.

    If a Group’s data expires, then existing scan results (which have not yet been approved by the DPO) for Data Subjects in that Group become invalid and the status of these Data Subjects changes to Incoming state.

  4. To create the rule for the Data Group in the Create Rule text box, click Rule Builder button. The Rules are used when a search for identities is being executed on the target data stores, in response to a DSAR request.

    1. Select at least one strong identifier in the Select Identifier drop-down.

    2. The query will be displayed in the Rule Query text box.

    3. Click Save.

  5. Click the Save button. This will save the Data Group and it will be available on the Data Group screen.
    To view the details of a Data Group, click the Eye icon. To edit a Data Group, click Pen icon in the Actions column. To delete a Data Group, click Trash icon in the Actions column.

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