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Add IDPs

To add an IDP, login into the Admin. To Access the IDP screen, click IDP Management > IDPs > Add IDP. The IDP Management panel will appear.

Follow the below steps to add an IDP:

  1. Click the Add IDP button. The Add/Edit IDP dialog box will appear.

  2. Enter the descriptive name for the IDP in the Name textbox.

  3. Enter the hostname or IP address of the IDP’s host machine in the Hostname/IP textbox.

  4. Select the SSL Type from the drop-down (one-way or two-way).

  5. Select the Privacy IDP as the IDP Type from the drop-down.

  6. Enter the Port Number which the IDP will use to send and receive information.

  7. Click Save to save the details, else click Close.


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