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Add New Device

PK Protect provides the ability to add a new device. To add a new device detail, click Add New Device tab on the Device/Groups screen.

The Add New Device screen will appear. Follow the below steps to configure Add New Device:

  1. Device IP Addresses or Domain: Enter the IP address or domain of the device. This field is mandatory.

  2. Device Name: Enter a unique device name. This field is mandatory.

  3. Access Protocol: Select the value in Access Protocol drop-down to discover the devices.  The values are: ORACLE_TNS, MYSQL, and MS SQL.

  4. Port Number: Specify the port number in the range of 0-65535.

  5. Element Type: Select the type of database from the Element Type drop-down. There are three supported target databases: Oracle DB, MySQL, and MS SQL.

  6. Property Key: Click the Property Key drop-down and select the required value. This drop-down displays two options:

    1. pseudoDevice : Set the value as TRUE or FALSE in the Value field.

    2. sql.proxy.bind.port: Specify the port number in the Value field that will be used to connect to the proxy server. This property applies to SQL proxies, connecting to the target databases. When a database is added as a new device to the device inventory, the property must be set with the desired value.

  7. Click Add button to add the Property Key for the device. The details for the Property Key and Value will get displayed in the below panel.

  8. Click Discover and Add button to save the changes, else click Cancel.

You can edit and delete these details by clicking edit and trash icons, respectively.

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