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Add New Policy Key

PK Protect provides the ability to add a new policy key. To add a new policy keys detail, click Add New Policy Keys tab on the Policy Keys screen.

The Add New Policy Key screen will appear. Follow the below steps to configure Add New Policy Key:

  1. Policy Key Name: Enter a unique name for the policy key. This is a mandatory field.

  2. Description: Enter a brief description for the policy key.

  3. Type: Click the Type drop-down and select the required option. These drop-down displays 2 options:

    1. White: White key allows to whitelist all commands given in the policy key.

    2. Black: Black key restricts all delete commands given in the policy key.

      *Note: At least one policy key must be assigned to the device realm for SQL proxies. 

      ⦁ If only black key policies are defined in a realm, all remaining queries will be white key. 

      ⦁ If only white key polices are defined in a realm, all remaining queries will be black key. 

      ⦁ If “.*” regex is defined as white key, all queries are allowed to run. 

      ⦁ If “.*” regex is defined as black key, all queries will be blocked. 

  4. In the ELEMENT TYPE panel, check the checkbox(es) for the element(s) that you want to add to the policy key. The selected element(s) will list down in the ELEMENT TYPE LIST panel.

  5. In the ELEMENT TYPE LIST panel, the selected element(s) connected to the policy key will get displayed. Click Cross icon to delete the selected element(s) from the list.

  6. Click Save to save the changes, else click Cancel.

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