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Add New User Group

PK Protect provides the ability to add a new user/group. To add a new user group detail, click Add New User Group tab on the User/Groups screen.

The Add New User Group screen will appear. Follow the below steps to configure Add New User Group:

  1. User Group Name: Enter a unique name to the user group. This is a mandatory field.

  2. Description: Enter a brief Description to the user group.

  3. In the User Listing panel, check the checkbox(es) for the user(s) that you want to add to the user group. The selected user(s) will list down in the SELECT MANAGER panel.

  4. In the SELECT MANAGER panel, check the checkbox(es) for the user(s) to whom you want to assign role of the MANAGER.

    1. The selected user will get displayed in the SELECT MANAGER panel.

    2. Check the checkbox(es) for the user under the MANAGER option to assign MANAGER role to the user.

    3. To filter or search the user from the given list, click the search field. This displays the user name based on which filter can be applied.

    4. A dialog box will appear. Enter the USER NAME in the field. Click the OK button. This will assign MANAGER role to the user.  Click the Cancel button if you do not want to save the user.

      To remove the filters, click Clear filter button to remove filters.

      *Note: The Groups created must have at least one Manager.

  5. Click Save to save the changes, else click Cancel.

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