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Add Task

Using this screen, you can create RoA/RtE task for the request generated in Data Subject Search Screen.

Below are the steps for creating a DSAR task:

  1. Click Add Task tab in Tasks screen.

  2. Enter the unique name of the task in Task Name. This field accepts symbols, letters, and special characters.

  3. Enter the description for the task in Task Description field.

  4. Select the data group from the Data Group drop-down. This field will list down all the available data groups which have been created.

  5. Select the type of execution to perform from Execution Type drop-down. There are two options available in this drop-down depending upon the type of request to be generated:

    1. Scanning: Select this option to create a task for RoA.

    2. Erasure: Select this option to create a task for RtE. On selecting this option, a new panel appears by the name of Erasure Type. It consists of three options:

      1. Hard Delete: Select this option, if you want to delete the Data Subject’s information from the server.

      2. Soft Delete: If you opt for this option, then the Data Subject information will be masked. To apply masking follow the below steps.

        1. Select Soft Delete option. The Apply Compliance Policy panel will show up.

        2. Check the checkbox available with the policy name of your choice in Apply Compliance Policy panel.

        3. Hover the mouse over the checked policy name and click on it to see the details of that policy. This will display the list of all Selected Sensitive Types and the masking options related to it.

      3. RtE Script (Hard Delete) – If you select this button, a delete script is generated and downloaded at the location specified in the Admin (see note below). Using this script, you can delete the Data Subject details from the target database by executing the same in the database environment.

*Note: To download the RtE script for deletion, set the path in rteScriptPath property under privacy IDP properties on IDP Management > IDPs screen in Admin. For more details, refer Configure IDP Properties in Linux and Configure IDP Property in Windows.

  1. The Connections panel below will list down all the available connections which are associated with the selected Data Group. There are two ways in which you can select all or specific connections. 

    1. You can select all connection by checking the Select All Connections option, this will select all available connections for a selected data group.

    2. To select specific connections, check the checkbox available with the connection name which you wish to choose.

  2. Click Save to save the details of the task. Once a task is saved, the recently created tasks will be listed down in the Tasks tab. One can view the detailed results with logs of that task instance in the Task Status screen after execution of that task in Scheduler.

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