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Add Users

Perform the following steps to add a user:

  1. Click Add Users.

  2. A dialog box will appear.

    The fields are described below:

    1. User Name: Enter a unique username.

    2. First Name: Enter the first name.

    3. Last Name: Enter the last name.

    4. Email ID: Enter the user’s complete email id.

    5. Role: Select a role that you want to assign to the user from the dropdown.

    6. Other Info: Enter brief notes.

    7. Status: Specify the status of the user from the dropdown. The available statuses are: Active, Inactive, Blocked, and Locked.

    8. Temp Password: Set the custom password for the new user. The user can use this password to login for the first time. After login, the user is immediately prompted to change the password for the further sessions.

    9. Domain: Set the domain where you want to create the user.

    10. Dn String: Set the Dn String. DN (Distinguished Names) is a series of comma-separated key/value pairs used to identify the objects uniquely in the directory hierarchy.

*Note: Domain and Dn String fields are used when the user opts for AD or LDAP authentication method.

  1. Click Save.

Only a user with the super admin role can create a new user.

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