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Apache Drill

Running Hive Decryption UDF in Apache Drill.


  1. Drill service is running.

  2. Hive Database is enabled.

Steps to configure Hive UDF in Apache Drill:

  1. Turn on OTF.decryption.configuration in

  2. Run a task from the PK Protect UI. (Now verify maprfs:///tmp/dataguise folder been created in HDFS).

  3. Copy maprfs:///tmp/dataguise/DgDecrypter.jar to all local /Drill_Home/jars/3rdparty/.

  4. Copy gson-2.2.2.jar, guava-15.0.jar to /Drill_Home/jars/ext/.

  5. Restart all drill-bits or drill services.

  6. Go to the Drill shell and run command -> use hive;.

  7. Run decryption query.

Example: ->select DgDecrypter(column) from table;

Additional tools or documentations from MAPR support team:

In case of UDF is not set correctly, debug mode can be opened:

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