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  1. Appendix A: Using Master-Slave Controllers

  2. Appendix B: parameters

  3. Appendix C: Snappy Compression

  4. Appendix D: Updating Credentials on PK Protect Repository Database

  5. Appendix E: Active Directory with SSL

  6. Appendix F: SSL Type between HDFS IDP and Controller

  7. Appendix G: Enabling Spark in the HDFS IDP

  8. Appendix H: Single Sign-On and Single Sign Out

  9. Appendix I: Create a Temporary Directory

  10. Appendix J: Key Management Options

  11. Appendix K: Setup Auto-Purging

  12. Appendix L: Installation and Configuration for Enscribe Files

  13. Appendix M: Installation and Configuration for VSAM Files

  14. Appendix N: Steps to Perform Installation in Unattended Mode

  15. Appendix O: Configuration steps for MIP Labeling

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