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Appendix A: Using Master Slave Controllers

If you want to run PK Protect on more than one controller, but use only a single set of policies, you can export them from a master DSM Administrator  and import them into one or more secondary Controllers.

Before your export and import policies, verify that your policies are correctly defined.

You cannot export or import preloaded (pre-existing) policies.

To export PK, Protect policies:

  1. Login to PK Protect on the first or primary controller containing the policies you want to export.

  2. Choose DgPolicy > Export/Import > Policies. The Policy Import / Export panel is displayed.

  3. You are prompted to save the policydetails.json file. Save it to your preferred location. To import policies into the second controller, you also need to modify the policySlave properties setting found in on that server.

To enable a second DSM Administrator  to import policies:

  1. Login to the server hosting the second controller.

  2. Navigate to the directory where Tomcat was installed. If you installed Tomcat with PK Protect, the root path is:
    C:/Program Files/Dataguise/DgSecure

  3. Navigate to the hibernate folder under Tomcat.
    Edit Find the parameter policySlave.

  4. Change the value of policySlave=false to policySlave=true.

  5. Save your changes and exit.

  6. Open the Services Console and restart the Apache Tomcat Service.

To import PK, Protect policies:

  1. Login to PK Protect on the secondary controller into which you want to import the policies you created on the primary DSM Administrator .

  2. Copy the policydetails.json file you saved from the primary Controller to the secondary Controller.

  3. Choose DgPolicy > Export/Import > Policies.

  4. Click Browse. Navigate to the location where you copied the policydetails.json file. Open the file.

  5. Click Import. The policies are saved to the controller.

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