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Appendix C: Snappy Compression

Typically, PK Protect does not require any additional libraries to read compressed files. However, there are occasions where it may be necessary to install independently a library to read the Snappy compressed file structure. In such situations, follow the instructions below.

Verify Snappy compressed file structure (IDP on Linux): To verify the structure of a Snappy compressed file when the HDFS IDP is installed on Linux, ensure that native snappy library libraries are installed (these files typically install as part of Apache Hadoop). If they are not installed, download Snappy libraries, and copy the library files to $HADOOP_HOME/lib/native. Alternatively, just install Hadoop-

0.20-native package.

Run HDFS tasks on Snappy compressed file structure (IDP on Windows): PK Protect does not currently support structure verification for Snappy compressed files when the HDFS IDP is installed on Windows. To run an HDFS task on a structured Snappy compressed file, uncheck the “Verify” checkbox on the structure management page.

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