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Appendix E: Configuration Steps for MIP Labeling

Setup MIP SDK for Windows

  1. Unzip the file on any location of your system and use this path as installation path.

  2. Install Python. 

    1. Download and install Python 2.7 and above.

    2. Update PATH environment variable to include Python and Python Scripts folders (e.g. 'C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts').

  3. Download and install SCons 3.0.1+ (bitness should be matched with Python)

  4. Install Visual Studio Build Tools.

    1. Download Visual C++ 2017 Build Tools

    2. In the Installation window, under Workloads select Visual C++ build tools

    3. In the Installation window, under Individual Components select: 

      1. Windows 10 SDK (10586)

      2. VC++ 2015.3 v140 toolset for desktop D) Install the selected components.

    4. Install the selected components.

  5. Navigate to the samples directory of the package unzipped in step 1 (dg_mip
    For example, dg_mip/ubuntu1604/file/samples).

  6. Run the below command in the samples directory : 
    scons arch=ARCHITECTURE configuration=CONFIGURATION

  7. Create a bat file at any location of the system. For example, input.bat

*Note: We can also create this file as hidden, for safety point of view.

  1. Add your Azure account username and password in the bat file as depicted in the screenshot below:  

  2. In MIP Configuration file, provide the path of the text file in Credential File Path key property.

  3. In MIP Configuration file, provide the installation path (where the file has been unzipped) in Installation Path Key property.

  4. Run the below command to check whether all the configurations are working fine. It will fetch the list of MIP labels created in the corresponding Azure account.

    For example,
    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\mip_sdk_win32_1.7.133\win32\mip_sdk_file_win32_1.7.133\file \bins\debug\x86\input.bat

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