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Appendix L: OTF Decryption

This section describes the steps for On-The-Fly (OTF) decryption in PK Protect.

For On-The-Fly (OTF) decryption, data is decrypted on request from any user or application while reading data from physical storage. The data is always stored in encrypted form.

In PK Protect, OTF decryption is supported in RDBMS (Redshift, SQL Server, and DB2 for I) and Hive. After successfully executing an encryption task, you must provide access rights for sensitive types to the database user(s) by assigning roles to them under the Access Control screen. After getting the permissions, user will be able to see the decrypted data i.e., plain data. Otherwise, the user will see the encrypted data.

*Note: For OTF decryption, there is no need to run any decryption task from PK Protect user interface.

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