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Following section describes the Appendixes for the User Guide.

  1. Appendix A: Verifying Hadoop Results

  2. Appendix B: EDI Transaction Set

  3. Appendix C: Error Messages

  4. Appendix D: Snappy Files Support

  5. Appendix E: Key-Pair Authentication for Snowflake Connections

  6. Appendix F: Detection in Kerberized Clusters

  7. Appendix G: SL Masking

  8. Appendix H: Configure Multiple SQL Server Instances in PK Protect

  9. Appendix I: Mapping

  10. Appendix J: Tags for adding New Target Database

  11. Appendix K: CyberArk Setup in PK Protect

  12. Appendix L: OTF Decryption

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