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Archive Settings

You can enable archiving for tasks, Hadoop structures, domains, and RDBMS connections through the Archive Settings screen.

Access this screen by clicking the Archive Settings option in the left side pane. The Archive Settings screen is depicted below:

You must check the Enable Archive Settings checkbox to archive tasks, structures, domains, and connections.

Set the archival DB or schema using Set Archival/DB Schema field. If you want to create or use a separate DB or schema, select Create/use separate DB/Schema option. To use existing DB or schema, select Use PK Protect metadata DB/Schema option.

Set the archival type using the Schedule Archive/One Time Archive option. The first option Schedule Archive lets you define the frequency and the number of items to be archived during the process. The One Time Archive option lets you define the date based on which the archive process will be done for all selected tasks, structures, domains, and connections.

Set the frequency to archive items using the Archival Schedule Frequency field. Set the number and frequency in hours or days after which files will be archived automatically.

Set the number of hours or days in Archive items older than field to archive the files older than specified hours or days will get archived.

For instance, if Archival Schedule Frequency is set to 10 hours and the Archive items older than is set to 5 days, PK Protect will archive all the files older than 5 days, in every 10 hours.

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