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In Azure, the Task Definitions screen appears when clicked on Tasks in the navigation panel. This page offers in-depth details about the tasks that the user has permission to view. To access the Task Definition tab, click Azure > Tasks > Task Definition tab.

Select cluster from the Select Cluster drop-down. IDP Status can be seen on the top right corner of this tab (Active/Inactive).

The below screenshot displays the user interface of the screen.

  1. Task List
    This panel display the lists all the tasks for which you have permission to view. Selecting a task in this panel display additionally information in the Task Overview and Task Instances tab.

    There are few other common controls through which you can sort the values in the column header, filter the data, download the results in CSV or PDF format, etc. To know more, visit Common Controls.

    You can use the following controls, displayed on the screen:

    1. Edit: To edit a task, click Pen icon in the Actions column. This option will navigate you to the Edit Task Definition screen where you can update the information for the selected task.

    2. Hide: Click Hide icon in the Actions column to hide a task. This will grey out the task, If Show Hidden Items option is checked in the User Preferences else it will not be visible on the screen. To know more, visit Home Page.

    3. Show: Click Show icon in the Actions column to unhide a task. This feature allows you to view the hidden tasks. If you’ve checked the Show Hidden Items checkbox in the User Preferences, the hidden task will appear greyed out else it will not be visible on the screen. To know more, visit Home Page.

    4. Delete: To delete a task, click Trash icon in the Actions column. This will delete the task from the screen.

    5. Execute: Click forward arrow icon in the Actions column to execute the task. This will trigger the task.

  2. Task Overview

    This panel displays basic information about the task such as the name of the task, description of the task, last execution time, etc. The sub tabs in this panel display additional information about the sensitive types and policies selected for scanning, any scan location that has been included or excluded for scanning.

    1. Details: This tab displays basic details about the task selected in the Task List panel. The information contains the name of the task and its description. It also displays few other selected parameters such as the scan type selected, last execution date and time, policies selected for scanning, etc.

    2. Included Scan Location: This tab displays the list of all the server locations which have been selected for the scanning. This panel display the absolute path of the scan location, structure, and domain details as per the task type selected in the Add New Task Definition tab.

    3. Excluded Scan Location: This tab displays the list of all the server locations and the file extension which have been excluded from the scanning. 

    4. Sensitive Type Details: This tab displays the list of all sensitive type selected for scanning.

  3. Task Instances

    This tab displays the list of all instances of the task that has been executed in a row. This displays additional information for each instance of the task such as it names, description, start and end times, statuses (Initializing, started, running, completed, completed with error(s) or canceled), etc.

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