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Azure AD Configuration

This setting is used to integrate PK Protect login with the Azure active directory. Thus, it allows the Azure AD users to get added as PK Protect users and access the application. Also, the admin will be able to import the Azure AD users and groups.

The fields are described below:

  1. Authority: Use to get the access token to trust the Microsoft site i.e., by using the port specified in Port for Certificate. Also, it will get the context which is further used by Microsoft Graph URL to authenticate the users.

  2. Graph Microsoft URL v1 Version: Use to fetch users/groups from Azure AD.

    1. User list -

    2. Group list -

    3. Users of the group -{gid}/users

    4. Group of the user - users/ {id}/memberOf

  3. Graph Microsoft URL: Use to get the access token to trust the Microsoft site i.e., which is further used to authenticate the user credentials.

  4. Database Resource URI: Use to get the access token which is further used to connect with Azure SQL server.

  5. Port for Certificate: Specify the port number from where you want to get the access tokens (for login and Microsoft Graph APIs).

  6. Page Size for Azure AD: Specify the number of results to return. Page size is used to fetch the users/groups from the server. Max value can be 999 for the Microsoft graph APIs.

  1. The certificates are imported in JKS (JavaKeystore), as these all are trusted sites.

  2. You are highly recommended to avoid changing the field values except for port number and the page size.

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