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By Events

The Audit Reports – By Events screen allows you to filter data for a defined time-period. The Events screen will display all the operations performed by the user along with the Timestamp and Events Details. You can also filter the data by selecting a specific event in View drop-down. There are around 35 pre-defined events for which you can filter out the data.

To view reports in By Events tab, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the event in View drop-down.

  2. Select the starting date range in From and end date in To drop-down or events in View drop-down. You can select either both the option or just one option from View and Date Range.

  3. Click the Update Result button to apply the filters. The Events panel will be updated for the defined time-period or for selected events. It will display all the occurrences of operations performed for a defined time-period or for selected event specified in the top panel.

    Click Refresh button to update the By Events tab with latest records. Click the Export To PDF button to download the report in the PDF format.

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