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By User

The Audit Reports – By Users screen is divided into two panels.

  • Users - This panel will display the list of all available user.

  • Events - This panel displays the list of all operations performed by a user selected in Users panel.

  1. Users
    The Users panel allows you to filter the Events panel data based on the selected the user. This panel displays the information for selected user such as Name, Email and Role assigned to user, etc. The Filter By Roles drop-down allows you to select users based on which you can filter the information.

    Similarly, you can also filter the Events panel by providing the Username in Filter by UserName search box. To remove the applied filters, click Clear Filter button. To refresh the Users panel with updated records, click Refresh icon.

    Perform following steps to view specific users or usernames:

    1. When you select the By Users tab. The Users panel will display the list of users and their role in PK Protect.

    2. To view report for a specific role or a specific username in the Users panel. Select the role in Filter by Roles drop-down or enter the username in Filter by Username textbox.

    3. The Filter by Role will display the result in User panel for the selected role. For Filter by Username, the User panel will display the data for the specific user entered in Filter by Username.

      Select the user in the Users panel and the Events panel will display events for the selected User.

    4. You can also view Events for the selected user based on the date range defined in the Date Filter. Click Refresh icon to update the results.

      E.g., in the above image when SUPER_ADMIN role is selected in the Filter by Role drop-down. The Events panel is populated with all the operations performed by the SUPER_ADMIN.

    5. Click Export to PDF button to generate a PDF format of the report. Click Clear Filters to clear the results.

  2. Events
    The Events panel allows you to filter the data for a defined time-period. The Events panel will display all the operations performed by the user along with the Timestamp and Event Details.

    Perform following steps to view specific event within a date range:

    1. To modify the Event panel for any specific date range. Select starting date in From and end date in To drop-down.

    2. Click the Update Results button to apply filters.

      E.g., in the above image the Events panel displays the filter results for a given time-period.

    3. Click Refresh button to update the Events panel with updated data. Click Export To PDF button if you want to download the data.

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