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Clone Sensitive Type

The simplest method to create a Sensitive Type in PK Protect is to clone it from an existing Sensitive Type. The out-of-the-box Sensitive Types in PK Protect are immutable. By cloning from an existing Sensitive Type, PK Protect’s default sensitive types can be edited to conform them to the target data source. Perform the following steps to clone a sensitive type:

  1. Click the + Clone Sensitive Type button. The Clone Expression pop-ups. Enter the required details.

    1. Defined For: select the target data source from the Define For drop-down. This field contains two values i.e., DBMS or Hadoop & Files.

    2. Clone From: select the Sensitive Type you would like to clone from the Clone From drop-down. Select the Sensitive Type name from the drop-down.

    3.  Sensitive Type: Enter the name of the Sensitive Type.

    4. Group Name: select the Sensitive Type Group from the Group Name drop-down.

    5. Sensitive Type Description: Enter a description for the Sensitive Type.

    6. Click the Save button to make the changes effective. The cloned sensitive type will appear on the Sensitive Types screen.     

Alternatively, a completely new Sensitive Type can also be created. The process for creation of a new Sensitive Type differs in DBMS and Hadoop and Files. These have been discussed in below sections.

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