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Common Tags

Following are the Common tags which can be added in the GenericDetection.xml file.

  1. <module></module>:
    In this tag, you can provide the module in which the data source will be added. There are three modules on Connection Manager Screen:

    1. AWS

    2. AZURE

    3. RDBMS

      In the below example, the RDBMS and RDS values have been defined in the tags. This will add the data source in both the modules.





  2. <schema-hierarchy></schema-hierarchy>:
    This is the parent tag in which user can provide the values for the two child tags <schema-level-object-hierarchy> and <append-schema-table-name>

    1. <schema-level-object-hierarchy></schema-level-object-hierarchy>:
      This tag accepts Boolean value. If the database has the schemaLevelObjectHierarchy, the value is set to True else it is set to False. By default, its value is True.

      When the value is True then fetchMetdata call getSchema API will execute. It returns the list of schemas. If value is False, then getCatalog API will execute. It returns the list of databases.

      For e.g., In case of SQL Server, we have Database->schema->tables hierarchy.  In this, the cross-database query is supported. When the tag’s value is set to False, the getCatalog API call is executed to return list of databases on fetchMetdata call.

      Similarly, for Postgres we have Database->schema->tables hierarchy, but cross- database functionality is not supported. In this scenario, you need to set the tag’s value as True, so that getSchemas API call is executed on fetchMetdata call.

    2. <append-schema-table-name></append-schema-table-name>:
      This tag accepts the Boolean value. The value is set to True if user needs to append schema name with table name which will be visible on the UI in Results section of detection. By default, its value is True.

      For e.g., In case of two-level hierarchy databases, we can set this tag’s value as false.

      <schema-level-object-hierarchy>true</schema-level-object-hierarchy> <append-schema-table name>false</append-schema-table-name>    

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