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Compose Masking

Compose masking generates value by combining full or partial values from other columns in the same row. This masking option is suitable:

  1. When the column that is to be masked contains information obtained from the other source columns in the same row.

  2. To make the value in the dependent field reflects the new (masked) values in the source fields.

The source fields here display the name of the column that will be used for protecting the data. The dependent field is the one that will be encrypted using the data stored in the source field.

To apply Compose Masking, enter the following information:

  1. The Column Name drop-down displays the list of all the columns that table contains.

  2. The Start Position drop-down displays the start position of the mask value for the column selected in the Column Name drop-down.

  3. The Length field display the count of characters used for masking the dependent field.

  4. The Connector Type field allows you to enter a character i.e., alphabets, special characters, numeric value; that will concatenate the data picked from the source fields.

*Note: It is not necessary to specify the connector while opting for a single or multiple value under compose masking.

E.g., With reference to below image, if you want to mask the email_id in Employees table with the characters of first_name column and last_name column, then mention the following:

  1. Specify the column name that will be used as a source field for masking the dependent field. In this case, we are using the characters from first_name and last_name column for masking the email_id field.

  2. The start position here means the position counter from where characters will be picked for masking. Based on the above example, the characters for first_name and last_name will start from the position counter ‘1’.

  3. The Length field will display the number of characters picked from the entered position counter. In case of both first_name and last_name column, all the characters are picked in the respective columns.

  4. Here, we are using ‘_’ (underscore) as a connector between the first_nameand last_namecolumn. This will concatenate the values from two different source fields.

Once you have specified everything, trigger the task. On completion, the intended output will display the masked characters in the target database. In the below image, the email_id an Employee table has been masked with the characters of first_name and last_name column.

In the above image, the first record of the database has been masked with the characters of first_name i.e., John and the characters of last_name i.e., James with connector ‘_’ (underscore). The final output has been changed from to fictious value John_James from the source field.

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