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Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports provide information for various dimensions such as Sensitive Type, Servers, and Policies. An information is displayed in graphical representation. This screen compares the following aspects of functions on PK Protect:

  1. Total Count of Servers and Tables Scanned by DB Type

  2. Percentage of Tables Exposed by DB Type

  3. Percentage of Servers Scanned by DB Type

  4. Percentage of Tables Exposed by Sensitive Type

  5. Percentage of Tables Exposed by DB Type by Policy Type

*Note: By default, only Admin can access the Reports section. You can provide rights to other users for accessing the Reports section through, User Management > Roles > Edit Product Access Permissions option in Admin.

To know more on Roles and Permissions in both Linux and Windows environment, refer to section Manage Roles and Permissions in Linux and Manage Roles and Permissions in Windows.

To access Comprehensive Reports, click Reports > Overview. Perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the bar chart of Overall Coverage graph displayed on the Overview screen.

  2. A screen containing information for server will be displayed. Click the Comprehensive Report button on top left corner of the screen.

*Note: The name of the screen will vary depending on the selected data source. For example, Server Details name will be displayed if DBMS chart is selected. Similarly, the name will change to Cluster Details if Hadoop chart is selected.

  1. Click the Comprehensive Reports button and the Comprehensive Reports screen will appear.

  2. To view a report in full screen or to download a report in PDF format, click Maximize option at the top right corner of each graph. Click View in Full Screen to maximize the selected graph. Click Export to PDF if you want to download the report.

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