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Configure PK Protect for AWS S3

The PK Protect Cloud IDP for AWS only has one configurable property file.

File path: {Installation Path}/DgSecure/IDPs/CloudIDP/

IDP.port: Default port number is 8081. Defines the bucket where PKWARE metadata is stored. This includes temporary files, the S3 IDP installer, and logs. Sets the geographic region where the compute cluster is created. The compute cluster’s region should be the same as the S3 region.


If PK Protect will be scanning clusters in multiple regions, the user must edit the core-site.xml file located at {Installation Path\webapps\dgcontroller\WEB-INF\classes\com\dataguise\hadoop\IDP\client.

Add the location of the additional geographic region.



cloud.platform: This value should be either “S3” or “GCS”, depending on which platform the cloud IDP will run against. This value is automatically set during the installation process. The Controller ID should be provided by the DSM Administrator to authenticate the controller. This property behaves like a white list of valid controllers. This is a comma-separated list of names. If this parameter is not specified (or commented out), then controller IDP verification is disabled.

dg.filepath.prefix: The filepath prefix is used to override the filesystem prefix in the paths being returned by the CloudIDP Browser. S3 and S3a are the supported values as of now. Multi-cluster support is available for S3. Multiple S3 Cloud IDPs can be deployed against a single controller.

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