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Configure Postgres SQL Server

  1. To configure Postgres, select PostgresSQL database and click Next.

    1. Provide the hostname, port number for the server. If you want to enable SSL, check the Enable SSL checkbox, and provide the Trusted Store Location and Trusted Store Password. In Authentication, provide the database name, user name and password to connect to the database.

    2. Provide the database configuration details as depicted in the screenshot below and click Next.

      As per the values provided for the above-mentioned schemas, it will be checked whether the database/schema is existing or new. After checking, the option to either create a new database/schema or use an existing database/schema is provided.

For PostgreSQL, you must create pgcrypto extension to update the dashboard in PK Protect with the latest executions.

For remaining steps, refer Step 10 of DSM Administrator Configuration.

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