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Connection Manager


To detect, and protect sensitive information on a database, a connection to the database from PK Protect must be established, first. The Connections screen under Connection Manager houses all the connections made to different databases and enables the user to create a new connection or edit the existing connections in PK Protect.

Based on the IDP type i.e., Detection IDP and Masking IDP, all connections can broadly be classified as connections for detection and connections for masking. A detection connection can be used to create a task for Detection and Metadata discovery. Similarly, a masking connection is used to execute masking, encryption, and decryption tasks.

Further sections detail the steps to create, edit and view available connections in PK Protect.

*Note: Ensure that the required IDP is up and running before creating a connection. If the IDP is inactive, or wrong IP ranges have been assigned to it, a new connection could still get created, however, an error will come up at the time of task execution with this connection and the task will not be processed.

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