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Create a Structure

This section will explain the process of creating a structure. The Add New Structure tab allows you to create a structure for different file types such as, Avro, Parquet, Text etc. Using this screen, you can define the details of a structure as per the requirement.

*Note: The fields in this screen changes as per the type of structure selected in the Structure Type drop-down.

To create a structure, enter the following details:

  1. Enter a unique name of the structure in Structure Name field. This is a mandatory field. Blank spaces and special characters except ‘_’ (underscore) are not allowed. The name of the structure must not start with number.

  2. Provide a brief description for the structure in the Structure Description field. This is a mandatory field.

  3. Select the type of structure from the Structure Type drop-down. This field displays six types of structures. The options on the screen will vary based on the type of structure selected in this drop-down.

    1. RDBMS

    2. Text Files

    3. Sequence Files

    4. AVRO Files

    5. RC/ORC Files

    6. Parquet Files

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