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Create a Task in Find DBMS

To create a task, you need to access the Tasks screen by clicking RDBMS > FIND DBMS > Tasks in the navigation panel.

In the Tasks screen, click the New Task button as highlighted in the below image. This will re-direct you to New Task screen.

*Note: To use Find-IT functionality, Nmap software must be installed.  Set the environment variable path same as the location where Nmap is installed.

The New Task screen is depicted below:

Enter the following details to create a task:

  1. Task Name Enter the name of the task. The name must be unique for each task. Blank spaces and special characters are not allowed in this field except _ (underscore) and – (dash).

  2. Task Description: Enter a brief description for the task. This field accepts letters, numbers, symbols as well as special characters. It can hold up to 256 characters.

  3. Scan Type: Select either Regular or Intense from the Scan Type drop-down.

    1. Regular: This option allows you to search for the default port in the network for the selected database. For e.g., The default port for Oracle 1521.

    2. Intense: This option allows you to search for the custom and the default port in the network for selected databases.

  4. Task Attribute: Select the task attribute from the drop-down.

  5. Select Database to Scan: This panel in the screen displays the list of all the available database along with their default port. You can edit the Port to Scan field next to the database names. You can select the databases from the given list based on your search criteria.

    To check all the listed databases, check the checkbox next to the Database Type column header name.

  6. Select IP Ranges(s) to Scan: This panel shows the available list of all scan ranges created by the user. You can select multiple ranges for scanning purpose. To select a single IP Range for scanning, check the checkbox next to the ID column.

*Note: The list of IP ranges displayed in this screen are setup in PK Protect Admin application. To know more, refer to IP Range.

To select all the listed IP Ranges for scanning, check the checkbox next to the ID column header name.

  1. Cancel: Click the Cancel button if you do not want to save the changes.

  2. Save: Click the Save button to save changes.

  3. Save As: Click the Save As button, to create a task with a new name having the same or additional information.

  4. Save & Execute: Click the Save & Execute button if you wish to save and execute the task at the same time.

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