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Create Task - DSAR

The next step is to create a DSAR task for generating a report for selected data subject. The purpose of DSAR task is to find the value of identifier in the tables which have been pushed to Privacy IDP.

*Note: For RtE task, when DPO approves the request in RtE Status screen, only then the process of erasing or masking of data will be performed otherwise the process will get completed without performing any action.

To access the DSAR task screen, click Identities > Config > Tasks.

It consists of three tabs:

  1. Tasks: This tab lists down all created DSAR tasks. To know more, refer Tasks.

  2. Add Task: This is the tab where DSAR task is created. To know more, refer Add Task.

  3. Task Status: This tab displays real-time report of the DSAR task scheduled. To know more, refer Task Status.


It is the default screen that opens on clicking IDENTITIES > CONFIG > TASKS. It lists down all the DSAR tasks that have been created for a particular execution type.

This screen displays the list of all created tasks. To view details of a task, click Eye icon under Action column next to that task. Similarly, you can edit and delete a created task by clicking Pen and Trash icons respectively, under the Action column next to that task.

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