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Create task - Retention

The next step in the process is to create a retention task. The purpose of this task is to scan the target systems.

To access the ADD TASK screen, click RETENTION > TASKS > ADD TASK button. The following window will show up.

  1. Enter the unique name of the task in the Task Name field.

  2. Enter the description of the task in the Task Description field.

  3. The Applications panel will display the list of all the applications created. To select the application, check the checkbox available with its name.

  4. Click SAVE to make the changes effective, else click CANCEL.

    On clicking the SAVE button, the task is created and starts reflecting on the TASKS screen. The TASKS screen will display basic details for the task such as the ID (system generated), name of the task, and its description.

    To view the details of the task, click Eye icon in the Actions column. Similarly, you can edit the details of the task by clicking the Pen icon in the Actions column.

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