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Masking technique is effective in shielding data from exposure and misuse. If appropriate masking options are used then the resulting data could however be used for analysing the trends, forecasting the future growth, and many such useful operations. 

To address the above issue, PK Protect provides different data masking treatments which generates fictitious but usable masked results. These options are available under the Apply Masking panel in the New Task/Template page for RDBMS and RDS, and for all other source systems they can be found along with the list of Sensitive Types on the Masking or Encryption screen.

You can also enhance the results of masking by combining both masking and data consistency options.

To use these data consistency options while masking, simply, check the checkbox corresponding to the column that needs to be masked.

E.g., with reference to below image, the option P (Persistent) is checked next to the Category column of an offer table. Similarly, option S (Synchronize) is checked next to Description column.

The below image displays the Apply Masking panel in RDBMS from where you can select the appropriate masking options along with the data consistency options i.e., CUPS.

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