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The Overview page provides a complete, up-to-the minute picture of the security of the company's sensitive data. It provides information in three rows of panels:

  1. Assets in Scope

  2. Overall Coverage

  3. Exposure & Protection

The graphics in each row provide insight of the sensitive data in the data sources DBMS, HDFS, S3, Hadoop.

Access the Overview page from the menu under Reports > Overview. It is divided into three separate panels which are described below.

  1. Assests in Scope
    The Assets in Scope charts provide an overview of your data assets. The first graphic indicates how many assets are on-premises vs in the cloud. Any AWS and Azure assets are considered in the cloud, while all other Hadoop and RDBMS assets are on-premises or in the cloud according to their designation. Hadoop location is set when setting up the cluster connection. RDBMS location is set when creating a database connection. One asset is equal to one Hadoop cluster or one database. The second chart relates the total number of sensitive objects discovered across all data assets.

    A sensitive object is any table or file that contains at least one sensitive data element. The third chart indicates the percentage of files and tables that contain sensitive data, while the fourth chart indicates the percentage of sensitive objects PK Protect has masked or encrypted. The fifth chart indicates the percentage of safe items within the assets. The sixth chart indicates the percentage of skipped data. The seventh chart indicates the percentage of unprocessed data.

  2. Overall Coverage
    These Overall Coverage graphs offer insight into the current level of sensitive data coverage across your data assets. The first graph shows the number of tables and files involved in the coverage. The "Safe" bar indicates scanned files found to have no sensitive data. The second graph shows when sensitive data detection and protection occurred. The third graph shows the breakdown of structured vs unstructured data.

  3. Exposure and Protection
    The Exposure & Protection graphs break down the objects according to whether the sensitive data in them has been protected (masked or encrypted), exposed (detected but unprotected) or skipped. Any files or tables that have yet to be scanned show in the unscanned graph.

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