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The Date masking option let you define a random value with a specific format for a field whose value is intended for masking. This masking is applicable on all three types of datatypes i.e., string, numeric and date. The UI options differ based on the datatype of column.

In case, if a column has a string or numeric datatype, then you can specify the date range including the format for the date.

In the Random Value Options panel, the user can specify the maximum, minimum date value and a date format, based on which the value is generated.

  1. Minimum Date and Maximum Date: This field lets you define the range of the date by selecting the minimum and maximum date. To select a date, click Calendar icon in the field. This opens a calendar from where you can select a date as per your criteria.

    You can navigate through calendar using the sliders provided at the top right corner as below. Using this, month can be changed.

    To view the list of all the years, click the drop-down provided next to the <year> heading. 

    To view the list of all months. Click the Year and this display the list of all months for the selected year.

  2. Format: This field displays the list of date formats. The formats vary based on the column datatype.

    1. If a column datatype is string, then there are seven formats based on which date value can be generated.

    2. If a column datatype is numeric, then there are three formats based on which date value is generated.

      1. ddMMyyyy

      2. MMddyyyy

      3. yyyyMMdd

In case, if a column has a date datatype, then you can choose either incrementing/decrementing the date values or specify the date range.

*Note: If you opt for Increment By and Decrement By option in the Timestamp, then the date values cannot be generated for missing values. The existing values will be updated based on the range specified in the Increment By and Decrement By option.

  1. Increment and Decrement: The Increment and Decrement options are used for increasing or decreasing the original date values. You can set the range of the days, months, and years in From and To fields.

  2. Range: This option lets you define the date range based on which the masking is performed in the target database. Specify the Minimum and Maximum date range in the fields.

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