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Date Synch

The Date Synch masking to replace/generate the date in the target field with a date from another field in the same row. You can adjust the format of the date as per requirement.

This specialized masking is useful with de-normalized tables in which the same value (in this case a date) appears two or more times in a single row. If you mask one of those instances, the remaining instances should be updated with the new value. To accomplish that, you apply Date Synch masking to those instances.

To apply the Date Synch masking, enter the following details:

  1. The Source Column drop down display the list of all the column names for the selected table. The data in the source column will be used for masking target column.

  2. The Source Format drop-down displays 13 types of date format. The source format is the format of the source column whose data is used for masking the target column data. Select the format in which the date type entries are kept in the source column.

  3. The Target Format drop-down displays the 13 types of date format. You can opt any given format and the data in the target column is masked as per the selected format using the source column’s data.

*Note: If the source column is a date/timestamp datatype having a certain specific format, it will not allow the selection of source/target format. Instead, it masks the target data with the source data as it is, maintaining the row consistency.

The Date Synch masking can be applied to all three datatypes i.e., string, numeric and datetime.

E.g., With reference to below image, if you want to mask the data in the Date_of_Joining field with values in such a way that look and feel of the original data remains untouched then you can use the Date Synch masking.

Here, we are making use of DOB column data to mask the values contained in Date_of_Joining column. In the below image, following has been specified:

  1. In Source Column, we have selected DOB column whose values are used for masking the values in Date_of_Joining column.

  2. On executing the task, the values in Date_of_Joining column is masked with the values of DOB column. For Instance, in the below image, the original date of joining for emp_cd 101” was 2000-02-23 14:11:06 which has been masked with its DOB date i.e., 1999-02-22 00:00:00. Similarly, the change can be seen for the remaining employees as well.

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