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Detailed Results

Field Results are only available for Detection tasks run against structured files. This file shows each sensitive type discovered, the type of scan (full vs incremental), the ratio of matched to total rows, and the number of columns in which sensitive data was found.

When the sensitive data was discovered using a Dependent expression, the Field Results file treats the Dependent expression as one expression. In the field column, multiple column numbers would be displayed. Also, each sensitive comprising expression would be listed in the SensitiveType column.

Filed(s):               Match/Total Rows          ||         SensitiveType    || Sample Mode


Column 2:           156/13474                        ||          NPI                       || Full scan.

Column 3:           13318/13474                   || Telephone (Digits Only) || Full scan.

Column 1:           2973/13474                     || Social Security # (Digits Only) || Full scan.

Column 12:        10495/13474                   || ABA Routing number || Incremental scan.

Column 0:           13474/13474                   || Credit Card # (Digits Only) || Full scan.

NPI found in 1 column(s).

Social Security # (Digits Only) found in 1 column(s).

Telephone (Digits Only) found in 1 column(s).

ABA Routing number found in 1 column(s).

Credit Card # (Digits Only) found in 1 column(s).

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