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Detection - HBase

Detection tasks scans the target source system for sensitive data elements.

Select the Sampling Configuration from the drop-down.

  • Percent - It will scan approximately 100% of data in a table.

  • Rows per Region – It will scan 1000 rows from each region.

Perform the following steps to create a sample:

  1. Go to Hadoop > Hbase > Add/Edit Sampling Configuration tab. Click the + Add Configuration button. You can also create a sample by clicking the +Add button next to the Sampling Configuration drop-down on the Add New Task Definition screen.

  2. Provide values for the fields depicted in the screenshot:

    1. Provide a unique name to the sampling in the Name field. This is a mandatory field.

    2. Enter a brief description for the sampling in the Description field. 

    3. Check the Set Sampling Config As Default option to set the Sampling Configuration as the default configuration for all the tasks.

    4. Check the Show Advanced Sampling Details option to view and set the advanced settings for the sampling. Below are the options for advanced settings: 

      1. Row count Range: Specify the start row count range.

      2. To: Specify the end row count range.

      3. By: There are two ways to specify how to pick data for sampling from the table:

        1. Rows per Region: Select this option and enter the number of rows to be sampled in a region.

        2. Percent: Select this option and enter the %age of the data to be sampled in a table.

    5. After specifying the values, click the Add button to add the user-defined sampling configuration to the list. Click the Save button to save the configuration in the system, else click Cancel.

To proceed further for remaining steps, refer to step 3 of Create a HBase task.

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