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Detection - Connection

When creating a detection task, you can filter databases and fetch metadata to specify databases and schemas for detection.

Perform the following steps to create a detection connection for different databases in RDBMS:

  1. Select the database from the left side pane.

    The below list displays the list of all the supported data sources in RDBMS:

    1. AsterDB

    2. DB2

    3. DB2 for I

    4. DB2 Mainframe

    5. Dynamics CRM

    6. Greenplum

    7. InformixDB

    8. MariaDB

    9. MySQL

    10. Netezza

    11. Oracle

    12. Postgres (Inc.Heroku)

    13. Redis

    14. SAP HANA

    15. SAP S4 HANA

    16. SAS

    17. SASSPD

    18. SQL Server

    19. SQL MP

    20. SQL MX

    21. Salesforce

    22. Snowflake

    23. Splice Machine

    24. Sybase ASE

    25. Sybase IQ

    26. Teradata

  2. Click the Test button to test the connection.

  3. Click Save button, to save the changes.

Edit a connection in RDBMS

To edit a connection in RDBMS, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to RDBMS > Connection Manager > Connection List. Select the connection classification type from the Select Group drop-down.


  2. Select the connection.

  3. Click the Pen icon under the Action column to edit the connection details.

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