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Enable Random-SL Masking Support for HBase

The system has been enhanced to provide Random SL Masking support to HBase. This maintains the consistency of the repetitive values while masking. The repeated sensitive information spotted during the detection task in the database will be masked with the same value throughout to maintain consistency.

To support this functionality, the following property has been added:

The file in which the above-mentioned property exists can be located under:


Perform the following steps to provide Random SL Masking support in HBase:

  1. Create a new policy for HBase. While selecting the sensitive type, select the Random option for Protection option and check the Consistent checkbox for the selected sensitive type.


  2. Create an HBase task. Go to HBase > Tasks > New Tasks.


  3. Save and Execute the task.

    1. Verify JAR file is uploaded or not, check JAVA folder in DG User (dgMasker).


    2. Run OracleJavaFunctionDDL file in Dg User (DgMasker).

      Windows location: The script is available under following location.

      ‘C:\Program Files\Dataguise\DgSecure\Agents\DgMaskerAgent\expandedArchive\WEB-INF\classes\PrerequisiteFiles\Scripts\Oracle’


Linux location: The script is available under following location.


Set “JAVA_JIT_ENABLED” to true.

Once the permission has been granted, below mentioned masking options will be available for SL masking:

  1. Regular Expression

  2. FPM

  3. IntelliMask

  4. Random (All available masking options)

  5. NPI

Upon selecting SL option in PK Protect, the Consistent (C ) and Unique (U) options gets selected automatically. However, for some of the masking options only Consistent (C ) is selected and Unique (U) is disabled; and they cannot be selected manually. These masking options are:

  1. Regular Expression

  2. Intellimask

  3. Random (Address Line 1, Address Line 2, First Name, Last Name, First and Last Name, Email Addresses, City, State Country and Random String)

If you want to generate Consistent Unique data for Regular Expression, Intellimask and Random (Address Line 1, Address Line 2, First Name, Last Name, First and Last Name, Email, Addresses, City, State, Country and Random String). You can apply FPM or Shuffle masking with SL option.

There are some other important points related to SL:

  1. SL option does not allow to select persistent dataset from sync window.

  2. SL option is not supported with Custom masking.

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