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Enabling SL Masking in Oracle

Some pre-requisites are required before executing SL masking and Encryption/Decryption in Oracle for ‘On-Premises’. Follow the below steps to executing SL masking in Oracle:

  1. Open GrantsToAccessJavaFromRDBMS.sql file from location: “…/x.x.x/x.x.x.0.0.0_x_DD-M-YYYY/PrerequisiteScripts/Oracle/”.
    This file has grant scripts that are needed to access java function from RDBMS. Follow the steps written in this file to provide the grants.

  2. Copy fpe-oracle.jar file to Oracle server location.

    1. Windows location

      C:/Program Files/Dataguise/DgSecure/Agents/DgMaskerAgent/expandedArchive/WEB-INF/lib

    2. Linux location:


  3. To load jar file, execute below mentioned command.

    1. Windows: execute the below command from command prompt, using the same username and password with which connection is created in Connection Manager in PK Protect.

      loadjava -user <username>/<password> <location of fpe-oracle.jar file>

      For e.g.,  loadjava -user hr/hr D:\fpe-oracle.jar

    2. Linux:loadjava(space)-user(space)Dg-user(dgmasker)/Dg-user(password)(space)location of the JAR file e.g./opt/FPE/DgFPElib.jar.

      For e.g., loadjava –user dg_fhp_31/dg_fph_31 /jar/fpe-oracle.jar

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