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End User

The below diagram depicts the role of the End User in DSAR process. The End User is the Data Subject who has initiated the process by generating a request.

  1. Request Generation – The End User generates a request by initiating a process. The request can be generated either through company’s portal or via email.

  2. Manual Entry of Data: If the request has been generated via email, then Privacy Admin will enter the Data Subject information manually into the system. If the request is generated via company’s portal, then there is no need of the manual entry.

  3. Execution: The next step is to queue the request for execution. The raw data will be processed by the system and the outcome will be shared with Privacy DPO.

  4. DPO Approval/Rejection: Once the data has been processed; the outcome will be shared with the Privacy DPO. Based on the analysis, the DPO will either approve or reject the request.

  5. Response: The last step is the communication to the End User. Based on the DPO’s action, the End User will either receive a rejection communication or approved request in form of report (RoA) or erasure of data (RtE).

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