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Export Policy

The Export/Import Policy screen in PK Protect provides the capability to export policies. This screen displays the list of all the policies associated to DBMS and Hadoop & Files.

To access the Export/Import Policy screen, click Policy > Export/Import Policy in the navigation panel.

To export a single policy, click Export icon under the Actions column corresponding to the policy that you want to download from the DBMS and Hadoop & Files Policies section.

  1. Export All Policies: You can also export all the listed policies for both DBMS and Hadoop & Files. Perform the below steps:

    1. Click Three dot icon to view the options.

    2. Select the Export All Policies option. This will download all the listed policy.

  1. While exporting a policy, if any custom Sensitive Type is added to the policy which has reference data or Confidence factor config values then these values will also get exported along with the custom Sensitive Type.

  2. When a user exports a policy, then Pre-Defined Sensitive Types will not get exported. Only their references will be set in the policy. When policy is getting imported, the Pre-Defined Sensitive Types are immutable and already exists on the system.

  3. If any derived sensitive type is part of a policy, then that derived sensitive type with its derivation definition, reference data, confidence factor config will also get exported. 

  4. If a customer has done some changes in data regex, column name regex or any other property of that Pre-Defined Sensitive Type; PK Protect will not update that Pre-Defined Sensitive Type on the target system while importing a policy on the other system. 
    In case the customer wants to port the changes performed in the Pre-Defined Sensitive Type from one machine to another, contact support team to get the scripts.

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