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Files (Windows)

  1. On the machine where you installed the controller, open a browser window, and enter either the regular or secure (https) url: http://<host_machine>:<port_number>/DgSecure/
    where <host_machine> is the name or IP address of the machine. The PK Protect login screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the Super User name and password that you created when you installed the controller, then click Login. The PK Protect main screen is displayed. If PK Protect is not displayed, verify the following:

    1. The metadata repository is active.

    2. The Apache Tomcat server is active.

  3. Test your connection to your file system. Choose Files > Connection Manager.

  4. Click the New Connection tab, the New Connection page is displayed.

  5. Define a connection to one of the file systems you plan to scan. For more information on this screen, see the User Guide.

    1. Enter a descriptive Connection Name.

    2. Enter a Network Path for the targeted files.

    3. Enter a valid Username and Password that PK Protect can use to connect to the file system.

    4. Enter an IP address.

  6. When you have entered the necessary information, click Test Connection. A pop-up message relays the results. A successful connection indicates that the installation is working as expected. To save the connection for future use, click Save.

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