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Hadoop Control IDP

There are three configurable properties associated with the Hadoop Control IDP. The first is file (in the Hadoop Control IDP folder). The second is the file. The third is the IDP’s web service properties file.

This IDP must be installed on the cluster and will be monitored.

File path: /opt/Dataguise/DgSecure/IDPs/MonitoringIDP/expandedArchive/WEB-INF/classes/com/dataguise/hadoop/util/

Set the following properties.

  1. =

  2. fs.default.port =

  3. mapred.job.tracker =

  4. mapred.default.port =

  5. user =

  6. distro=

File path: /opt/Dataguise/DgSecure/IDPs/MonitoringIDP/expandedArchive/WEB-INF/classes/com/dataguise/util/

Update the controller URL and in case of CDH, update CDH Navigator properties.

Use this property file to change the port number.

File path: /opt/Dataguise/DgSecure/IDPs/MonitoringIDP/

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