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There are three configurable properties files associated with the HDFS IDP. The first is the HDFSIDPConfig.Properties file. This file controls essential elements of HDFS IDP such as the discovery engine settings. The second is the files. This file lets the user specify the location of the HDFS browser URL if the IDP and the controller are on different machines. The third is the IDP’s web service properties file.

Please note that certain properties, such as those that appear at the very top of the file must be set for the IDP to work. The properties are:

  1. Set to hdfs://cluster namenode hostname

  2. fs.default.port: Set fs.default.port

  3. mapred.job.tracker

  4. mapred.default.port: Set mapred.default.port

  5. user: Specify the user with which HDFS tasks should be submitted. Enter “$DGUSER” to allow user impersonation. When this property is set to $DGUSER, PK Protect submits the HDFS task as the user who executed the task.

  6. distro: distribution name, such as chd4. This is updated by the installer based on choices made at install time.

After making any changes to a property’s files, restart the Jetty web service. /etc/init.d/HDFSIDP start/stop

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