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Hive IDP Integration with Atlas

To use PK Protect’s Hive discovery with Atlas, configure Hive’s file. Specifically, there are three properties under “Atlas Params” that must be configured. The file can be found at:

{Installation Path}/DgSecure/IDPs/HiveIDP/ 

The configurable properties are:

  1. atlas.url: Atlas URL

  2. Name of Atlas cluster. If unknown, name can be found with the following command. curl --user <ambariUsername>:<ambariPassword> Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. Adress>:<Port>/<cluster path>

  3. dg.access.control: Controls whether Atlas processes Hive discovery results. When set to “NONE”, Atlas does not process the results. When set to “Atlas”, Atlas processes the results. The default value of this property value is “NONE”.

Once these properties are set, any sensitive types that a Hive task discovers are added as Tags in Atlas and the columns containing sensitive data are tagged accordingly. Once Atlas has tagged sensitive columns, leverage Ranger to define access protocols. For more information on Apache Atlas and Apache Ranger, please see the official documentation for each product.

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