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How to execute OTF Decryption


Following are the pre-requisites:

  1. Controller must be installed. For detailed information about the installation process, refer Install DSM Administrator in Linux and Install DSM Administrator in Windows.

  2. Discover IDP must be installed to perform detection process on the selected databases when creating a task. To know more on how to install Discover IDP in Linux and Windows environment, refer Install Discover IDP in Linux and Install Discover IDP in Windows.

Steps to Perform OTF Decryption

Following section specifies the step-by-step instructions to perform OTF Decryption:

  1. Login to PK Protect DSM application.

  2. In first step, a Masking task must be executed in order to perform OTF Decryption. To know more on how to create a masking task, refer Masking Task.

  3. The second step is to grant access rights to a user through ACL (Access Control List) in order to decrypt data.

    1. In ACL, you’ve to to grant permission to particular user, you need to define its role in the Role Management screen. To access Role Management, go to ACL > Role Management. Click Add New Role button on top of the screen. To know more about each field, refer Role Management.

    2. To manage user access in order to decrypt the encrypted data in the selected data source, you need to add user in the Group/User List of the ACL Management screen. To access ACL Management, go to ACL > ACL Management and add user details. To know more, refer ACL Management.

  4. In the last step, perform the OTF Decryption in the target database via UDF(s) i.e., User Defined Functions or View. On successful completion, user can view the result in the temporary database created using UDF or View.

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