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Import Users/Groups from LDAP/AD

PK Protect offers role and group management based on the LDAP group that specific users belong to. This allows the Super Admin to assign a Role to groups within the company’s LDAP or AD.

Under User Management, click on Users/Ldap Groups (this will be Users if DB Authentication was used at the time of installation). The below screen will appear when you click on Add Ldap Group. Here, the user can search for the LDAP Groups by providing the details required and then assigning the LDAP Group to the role at the bottom of this pop-up.

The group is then successfully imported to PK Protect. Now the users that are part of the group will be able to login to the PK Protect application with the role assigned to that group.

In case a user is part of multiple groups in LDAP, and those groups are assigned different roles in PK Protect, the UNION of roles is granted to the user.

One group can be assigned only one role. Selected users can be added from groups.

In case of Open LDAP as the authentication type, the DN string of the user is required to login into PK Protect. In case of Active Directory as the authentication type, user enters the samAccountName or the userPrincipalName to login into the application.

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