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Inherit Sensitive Type

In addition to the default Sensitive Types and custom Sensitive Types, properties of a Sensitive Type can also be derived from another-parent Sensitive Type to create a new Sensitive Type. This is termed as inheritance in PK Protect. Inheritance provides the option to pick some or all aspects of previously defined or default Sensitive Types and use them to define a new Sensitive Type.

The advantage of this feature over Cloning of a Sensitive Type is that, when the base or parent Sensitive Type is changed, the changes will automatically reflect to the derived Sensitive Type. Perform the below steps to create a Sensitive Type with the derived properties:

  1. Click the + NEW SENSITIVE TYPE button in the Sensitive Type tab.

  2. Enter the required details in the New Sensitive Type tab.

    1. Select either DBMS or Hadoop & Files from Define For drop-down.

    2. Enter the name and description for the Sensitive Type.

    3. Select the sensitive type Group Name from the given list.

    4. Select the Derive From option in the Derivation Type drop-down. This enables the inheritance.

    5. Select the parent Sensitive Type in the Derive From drop-down.

    6. Select the Derived Sensitive Type from the give option. There are 3 ways to define the Regex for a derived sensitive type:

      1. Base: To derive the complete Regular Expression (Regex) from the parent Sensitive Type. Select the radio button in the Base column next to the Select Derived Sensitive Type. This is the default setting.

      2. Base + New Value: To edit or make changes to the inherited Regex, select the Base followed by the required addition to the Regex.

        E.g., the Regex ($base) + 0001, will look for sensitive types as per the definition in the parent Sensitive Type and the figure 0001.

      3. Override: To create a new Regex instead of a derived Regex, select the options given under the Override column.

        For an inherited Sensitive Type all additional fields, i.e., Mandatory Field Name Match, Reference Data (Inclusion and Exclusion List), Upload Column Name File will be derived from the parent Sensitive Type.

        To make changes as per requirement, select the radio box against the given options in the Select Derived Sensitive Type section for Base + New Value and Override.

        Click the Save button to make the changes effective. If you do not want to save the changes, click Cancel button.

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