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Install DgWalker IDP

  1. Locate and copy the executable file DgSecureDgWalkerIDP-<x.x.x.x> to the machine on which you will install the IDP.

  2. Run DgSecureDgWalkerIDP-<x.x.x.x>

  3. Accept the license agreement.

  4. Install the IDP in the default directory or enter a different location.

  5. Select the Installation type: Default or Advanced.

*Note: If you select [1], then the database selection screen will be skipped, and the default database will be set to In-Memory for DgWalker installation. Move directly to step 8.

  1. Select the database if you have selected option [2] in step 5. Refer Install DSM Administrator to configure the database.

*Note: Ensure that PostgreSQL, MySQL, or SQL Server is installed on the machine where you install DgWalker IDP.

  1. Select the distribution option for DgWalker deployment.

    1. If you choose option [1] i.e., Hadoop, then enter the required information.

    2. If you choose option [2] i.e., Cloud (AWS), then provide S3 bucket details and maximum number of threads as depicted in the screenshot below:

    3. If you choose option [3] i.e., DBMS, then provide the details as depicted in the screenshot below:

  2. Enter the controller ID.

  3. Enter “Y” to begin installation.

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