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Install DSAR IDP

*Note: The user’s login credentials, database and schema must be created before Privacy agent installation. To run the pre-requisite scripts for Azuresql, and Sql server access it from location: “…/x.x.x.x.x_BUILD_DD-M-YYYY/ PrerequisiteScripts/…/…”

The sequence in which Azuresql scripts need to trigger are:

  1. login_database.sql

  2. database_grant.sql

  3. schema.sql

Similarly, run the pre-requisite scripts for Sqlserver. For Sql server, run login_database_schema.sql script.

  1. In the files that you received from PKWARE, locate the installation files. Copy the executable file DgSecureGDPRIDP-<x.x.x.x>-windows-x64-installer.exe to the machine on which you will install the IDP.

  2. Run the DgSecureGDPRIDP-<x.x.x.x>-windows-x64-installer.exe. The IDP setup wizard is displayed. Click Next to continue.

  3. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

  4. Choose a destination folder. Install the IDP in the default directory (C:\Program Files\Dataguise) or select a different location. Click Next.

  5. Select the database option to configure the DSAR IDP.

    1. If you have opted SQL Server database, click Next.

    2. Enter SQL Server configuration details as depicted in the screen below:

      1. Enter User Details for SQL Server.

      2. Click Next to configure the SSL, which is optional. Refer to step 5 and 6 of DSM Administrator Configuration for such scenario, else move ahead. Move on to configure the Controller ID. Click Next.

      3. You have successfully completed the process of the GDPR IDP. Click Next to reach step 12.

    3. If you have opted PostgreSQL database, then provide the details as depicted in the screen below:

      1. If you want to enable SSL configuration, then check the Enable SSL checkbox and provide the details as depicted below. Otherwise, move to step 13.

  6. Click Next to configure the Controller ID.

  7. After specifying the Controller ID, click Next. The installation will begin.

  8. When installation is complete, click Finish.

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